PVmet 500

The RainWise PVmet 500 SERIES is the first multifuctional, component-based professional weather station designed and built specifically for PV efficiency monitoring.

RainWise PVmetTM Weather Stations provide strategic envronmental data that will increase the value of any on-site monitoring system.

All RainWise weather stations are shipped to you fully assembled and factory calibrated, for rapid out-of-the-box installation with standard MODBUS RTU interface and all are SunSpec Compliant.

Product Features

Choose ONLY the sensors you need.

The PVmet 500 Supports
(3) Irradiance Sensors
(3) Back-of-Panel Temp Sensors

Sensors & Options
Ambient Temperature (Standard on base model)
Relative Humidity (Standard on base model)
Barometric Pressure (Standard on base model)

Optional Sensors
Ultra Sonic Anemometer (Optional)
Mini-Aervane (Optional)
Rain Gauge/mounted or stand-alone (Optional)

All RainWise PVmet Weather Stations are available with
high-precision EKO pyranometers


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