ECO-TSSL Temperature Screening System (Lite)

ECO-TSSL Temperature Screening System Lite is a completely contactless Temperature Screening product that will enhance your premise`s safety tremendously during or after this epidemic. It provides a super quick measurement which only takes 0.1 seconds and is under non-contact measurement to avoid cross infections. Other than that, it also provides a medical-grade measurement accuracy with ±0.2 degrees celsius. Another functionality of the system is a sensitive temperature alarm, it will beep and flashing red lights when an individual with abnormal body temperature enters the premise. It acts as a portable device where it does not requires electricity to activate the device. When in standby mode, it lasts around 1 week on a full battery.


ECO-TSSL Product Specification


ECO-TSSL Advantages


ECO-TSSL Installation Method


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