ECO-TSSL (Lite) Temperature Screening System


The COVID-19 epidemic has finally eased down at last in Malaysia. This is all gratitude to the persistently extended Movement Control Order (MCO) period made by the government, the numbers of infections have gone down definitely. The exertion has paid off as the number of contaminations by this day (11th May) was 70 just as appeared in the news. In any case, MCO is finishing soon which is around a month’s time from now, while the issue now is how would you ensure that the infection has truly been diminished? Have you sufficiently prepared to secure your own premise from the disease? Epidemic prevention plays a significant part in an organization/company to runs normally.

Temperature Screening System Malaysia

Have you ever thought about the safety precaution/procedure that you need to take for anyone to enter your premise? For instance, if anyone wants to enter your premise whether it be office, house, factory, or any area you need to have proper precautions like measuring that person’s body temperature to avoid anyone in your premise get in trouble. Using the traditional thermometer such as mercury does the job but it brings a lot of cons as well. Problems like low efficiency, too much physical contacts, and not so accurate. Eventually, it will be a hassle where manual precaution action will be too difficult to keep up.

To prevent this disease from spreading and a better fever detection process, EcoSensa has proposed a solution (ECO-TSS Lite Temperature Screening System) which is a non-contact infrared thermometer Malaysia. It has super fast infrared thermography that is capable of having a completely contactless temperature detection instantly together with a digital screen that shows that person`s body temperature. This contactless testing acts as a vital factor that could greatly reduce the probability of contact infections during or after the epidemic.

What is ECO-TSSL (Lite) Temperature Screening System?

[Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Malaysia]
ECO-TSSL Temperature Screening System

ECO-TSSL (Lite) Temperature Screening System is a smaller and more compact version of ECO-TSS while having the medical-grade temperature measurement but lack the facial recognition, as well as the 8-inches LED display that comes in ECO-TSS. However, ECO-TSSL covers up the flaws with rapidly fast temperature measurement, no require the device to plug into electricity to run it and long battery energy saving.

ECO-TSSL Temperature Screening System is the perfect alternatives for the individual that looks for a contactless temperature screening system but not facial recognition features. Other than that, it is also a cheaper alternative to ECO-TSS because it packs lesser functionalities. For anyone who is interested to the facial recognition and contactless temperature screening system (ECO-TSS), click here.

Benefits of ECO-TSSL Temperature Screening System


The 4 main advantages of this non-contact forehead infrared thermometer Malaysia are the contactless yet super quick measurement time (under a second), peak measurement accuracy, a built-in alarm system with a red light flashing warning, and the energy saving mode that allows long term uses.

The quick measurement on this non-contact forehead thermometer was on the top as it only takes less than 0.1 seconds to complete a measurement which is almost instantaneous. There is a demo shown below on how fast the thermometer measures. Not only that, but the accuracy of TSSL has also reached the medical-grade with ±0.2 °C. Furthermore, TSSL has a built-in alarm to let the surrounding identifies if the person is sick. The alarm will beep and flashes red lights when it happens. Lastly, the battery consumption on this device is very low which allows it to have a full week of use without charging. ECO-TSSL is perfect for premises that do not wish to have a temperature screening system that needs to plug-in into the electric circuit the whole day to have it work.

Why Do You Need To Implement This System For Your Company?

When the post-MCO era comes by, we must not neglect the fact that the disease will never be spread anymore. So, have your company complete all the required safety measures to prevent worst-case scenarios from happening in your company? Do you realize that if someone with high fever entering your premises which might happen to all the other employees? Even when the numbers are decreasing, bear in mind that the threat will still be there at least until the end of 2020. If you have no defenses for the few cases that were stated, ECO-TSSL non-contact forehead infrared thermometer Malaysia is the solution for you! Invest in our system today for the security and longevity of your business!

As the government has recently released a policy that every business needs to take full responsibility if employees got infected by COVID-19 when they insist to keep operating their business. For a business to continue the operation, they will have to prepare a thermometer or any temperature measuring device at the premise to detect abnormal temperature and ensure suspected COVID-19 individuals are not allowed to enter! Fever detection is a must for a business to reopen during the crisis of COVID-19!

Malaysia COVID-19 Policy

If an employee is infected with COVID-19 during the operational period, the company is responsible for all the medical costs of the employee. It is always a smart choice to make use of technology like the ECO-TSSL non-contact infrared thermometer Malaysia system before any of these happen!

How To Install ECO-TSSL on Your Premise?

ECO-TSSL Installation Method


Where Should We Implement This Device?

Where to us ECO-TSSL?

This device can be used in a variety of locations such as office, condominium, institution, pharmacy, public transportation, entertainment center, construction sites, or any sorts of buildings/area because the indoor area tends to cross infect the disease easily. By using this method, enforces individuals to frequently measures their body temperature. Not only that but make it a habit whenever they enter the scene to ensure that the environment is fine.

ECO-TSSL Temperature Screening System`s Device Structure & Specification



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