ECO-TSM Temperature Screening Mobile PDA

(Handheld Temperature Screening System Malaysia)

The COVID-19 situation has finally slowed down in Malaysia. This is all thanks to the continuously extending Movement Control Order (MCO) period made by the government, the number of infections has gone down drastically. The effort has paid off as the number of infections by this day (28th April) was 31 only as shown in the news. However, MCO is ending soon which is around 2 weeks times from now, while the problem is how do you guarantee that the disease has really been diminished? Have you prepared enough to protect your personal office/buildings from the disease? Epidemic prevention is an important part for a company/area to work normally.

ECO-TSM Temperature Screening Mobile Malaysia

For anyone who has these concerns in mind, there is actually a simple symptom to determine whether a person has potentially infected from the disease which is having abnormal body temperature/fever. Even though using a traditional thermometer can determine the body temperature of an individual, another risk has appeared which is physical contact. As everyone knows by now that COVID-19 will spread by physical contact, using traditional thermometers such as glass and mercury has a big risk as the disease might spread through the thermometer. With this risk in mind, EcoSensa Technologies has proposed a multi-purpose portable temperature screening device (ECO-TSM system) that could act as a contactless forehead thermometer, access control (card reader), and a smartphone.

Handheld Fever Screening System Malaysia

What is ECO-TSM Temperature Screening Mobile?

ECO-TSM is a high-efficiency solution proposed by EcoSensa Technologies for control and epidemic prevention that has cases proven to be effective in schools. Its main functionalities are realizing the real-time info collection on individuals, fast pass to a certain area, directional data analysis, and traceable abnormalities based on extracting data from the cloud. This contactless testing acts as a vital factor that could greatly reduce the probability of contact infections. So that in case something bad happens, all the data can be backtrack easily so that actions can be made effectively.

How Do This Temperature Screening Solution works?

To effectively understand how this solution works, schools are the perfect example to explain it. To set up the system, the school needs to gather students’ and teachers’ personal information and while importing it to the system, it will generate a unique QR code for them. The QR code can be printed student/teacher card, saved in your phone, or just printed on a paper. Then, whenever an individual wants to enter the school, the guard will use the ECO-TSM device to first scan the QR code to verify if that individual is their students/teachers and view their past body temperature records for reference.

After that, if the individual passes those checking, the security guard will then proceed to measure the individual’s body temperature and all the information will be uploaded into the cloud for future reference. Finally, the back-end of the system will make a statistical analysis based on classes, groups of student etc. to an Excel spreadsheet. By using this method, status of student`s body temperature can easily be monitored and prevention can be made early on.

Reasons to Implement This Solution

There are 4 main reasons that the system was integrated the way that the procedures stated above can be made seamlessly. The first reason is the contactless and accurate body temperature measurement. The forehead temperature measurement can be used from a distance of 6cm so that a contactless measurement can be achieved. Its measurement also reaches a medical-grade level with an accuracy of ± 0.3 ℃ so that the temperature can be measured effectively.

Furthermore, the next reasons are the highly modifiable identification ways for access control. the system can read NFC, barcodes, and OCR for the individual`s identification. The third reason is the integration of the multi-purpose solution. The device can be used as a forehead thermometer, ID identification, and as an Android smartphone. Lastly, the final reason is because of its mobility. The device is capable of LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, data transfer purpose which is the same as a normal smartphone. It is also portable as a smartphone as well.

                              Handheld Temperature Screening System Malaysia                               Handheld Temperature Screening System Malaysia

Benefits of ECO-TSM Temperature Screening Mobile 

  • Fast deployment because of the worries of external interference is limited (e.g. not requires tent to cut off interference).
  • Medical grade temperature sensor, ±0.3℃ measurement accuracy.
  • Download temperature information by just one click.
  • It can be used in several places at different with just one device (high portability).
  • Multiple purposes (forehead thermometer, ID identification reader & mobile phone).
  • Real-time data uploads because it supports Wi-Fi and LTE wireless transmission.
  • Loop management, information can be easily traced.

Product Description

Physical Characteristics


147mm L * 78mm W * 19mm H


233g with battery


5.0 Inch IPS screen                    

Touch panel

1280*720 Conductive panel


LED backlight


Removable polymer lithium battery
Battery Capacity :4000mAh
3.7V operation duration : more than 8 hours
Standby time :300hours

Card Slots

2 SIM slots,2 PSAM slots,1 Micro SD slot (max expansion 128G)

Communication Interface

Type-c, support OTG


4G/3G/2G 、Wi-Fi 、GPRS 、Bluetooth


Audible tone; multi color LED; vibration


On-screen keypad + 3 virtual buttons:Back、Home、Menu




Power button: two scanning button; volume


Support 3.5mm earphone interface

Charger Adaptor

Input     : 100-240V, 50/60HZ 300mA          Output  :  5V,2A

Performance Characters


Octa Core 2.5GHz

Operating System

Android 7.1



User Environment

Operation Temperature

-20℃ to 50℃


5% to 95% (no condensing)

Drop Specification

Multiple 1.5m drops to on concrete floor
(at operating temperature)

Tumble Specification

500 times of 1.6ft or 0.5m tumble drop; 
meets or exceeds IEC tumble specification


4g SPK Sine (5Hz to 2KHz);
0.04g2/Hz random (20 Hz to 2KHz);
60 minute duration per axis, 3 axis

Electrostatic Discharge

+/-10kv air; +/-6kv contact

Protection Grade






Wi-Fi frequency: 2.4GHz & 5GHz Wi-Fi protocol: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac




Bluetooth 4.2

Data Collection

Barcode Scaning engine

The leading Zebra and honeywell scanning engines in the industry


Front camera 2MP,rear camera 8MP ; autofocus and support Flashlight mode

IoT Functions


Working frequency : 13.56MHz Protocol ; Mifare Classic(MF1)NDEF, NFCV(15693)Ultralight (MF0)

Reading Distance

Reading distance : 0-5cm (depend on type of card) PSAM   Support  ISO7816  standard,support 2 PSAM card


Light sensor, Gravity Acceleration sensor

Temperature Measurement Data


Human forehead / Object

Measuring Method

non-contact / infrared

Measuring Distance


Measuring Speed


Measuring Range

Human Body Mode: 32~42.9 ℃;  
Object Mode: 0-100℃



Measurement Accuracy

Human Body mode: 32 ~ 42 ℃ ±0.2℃ to ±0.3℃   

Measurement Accuracy

Object mode: ±1.0℃t

Operating Environment

Temperature 0 ~ 40 ℃, relative humidity ≤85% Rh, air pressure 60-110 Kpa


Optional Color

Black, Blue and white

Optional feature

1D/2D scanner/ID cards identification



Standard Accessories

Adaptor/USB cable/Battery/Wristband

Why Do You Need This System for Your Company

When the post-MCO era comes by, we must not neglect the fact that the disease will never be spread out anymore. So, have your company complete all the required safety measures to prevent worst-case scenarios from happening in your company? Do you realize that if someone with abnormal/ high fever entering your premises and what might happen to all the other employees? Even when the numbers are decreasing but bear in mind that the threat will still be there at least until the end of 2020. If you have no defenses for the few cases that were stated, ECO-TSM Handheld Temperature Screening System Malaysia is the solution for you! Invest in our system today for the security and longevity of your business!

COVID-19 policy

As the government has recently released a policy that every business needs to take full responsibility if employees got infected by COVID-19 when they insist to keep operating their business. For a business to continue the operation, they will have to prepare a thermometer or any temperature measuring device at the premise to detect abnormal temperature and ensure suspected COVID-19 individuals are not allowed to enter! Fever detection is a must for a business to reopen during the crisis of COVID-19! It is always a smart choice to be safe and make use of technology like the ECO-TSM Temperature Screening System before any of these happen!

What Do You Need To Get This Solution works?

  • A built-in temperature measurement app on the ECO-TSM device.
  • Data management system (can be a cloud-based platform, internal server, etc.)
  • Note: EcoSensa will provide all the services on integrating the system as well as technical support after the system was implemented.

Where Can You Implement This Solution?

Places that are applicable for implementing this solution are school, hospital, food & beverage, enterprise, and so on. ECO-TSM Temperature Screening System can basically be implemented anywhere that you wish to be protected.  Not only that, with the portability of the device, it can also be used strategically to maximize the usability of it. For instance, when a school has implemented this system, they can plan strategically where they use it at the school gate during peak hours then use it on other places in school such as the cafeteria, libraries, classroom, and so on when the class starts. As for the performance-wise, the device can scan 15 students per minute which are well enough for a school during peak hours by just a few of it.

ECO-TSM Temperature Screening Mobile Malaysia Video

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