ECO-CARE Solution
** Free For All Use **

Step 1 : register @ https://ecosensa.com/eco-care

Step 2 : Print QR code and display it at your shop/office.

Step 3 : Ask Customer/ Employee/ Visitor to Scan & Fill up

Ecosensa Technologies Sdn Bhd has released a FREE version of ECO-CARE Lite for SMI & SME like office, companies, shops, retailers, hotels, hawkers, foodcourt, food truck, food stall, restaurant operators to record customer information easily and rapidly. This app aims to assist business to achieve hands-free operation, allowing customers/visitors/employees to self-service , self-scanning and recording their information prior entering the premise, to fulfil the requirement and SOP by the government.

As a corporate social service, Ecosensa is offering ECO-CARE Lite for free. We hope through this contribution, we can help to battle the covid19 pandemic and reduce the workload and burden of the business operators, as this is a contactless, self-service solution.

To those who are keen to get to know more about, please whatsapp or leave us a message.

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